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Milk and Dairy Disc Separator


Product center

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Disc separator

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The HD steering gear is the product which absorbed the foreign advanced technology, and its working reliability is guaranteed from the designing, which makes operating the navigation effectively and accurately.



Milk and Dairy separator is the most important equipment in dairy industry. Mainly used in the skim milk, butter, casein, cheese production, anhydrous butter production process, such as centrifuge concentrate, and removal of foreign impurities in the milk. Similar materials can also be used for clarification and purification.
All the parts that may contact the feedstock are made of stainless steel. Availably reduce the chemical effect of the feedstock and the machine spare parts.
Power drive adopts the traction clutch, Transfer power by the fluid, start reliably, prevent overland. The bearings used the machine are SKF grade in Sweden, guarantee working precision of the machine.
The separator adopts the PLC automatic control system, can carry out automatic de-slugging, ability of fitness is stronger, automatic degree is high.

Main Technical Specification

No. Model Capacity (L/H) Motor Power (kW) Main use
1 RPDB204VC 2000 4 Purify
2 RPDB205VC 5000 7.5 Purify
3 RPDB409VC 10000 15 Purify
4 RPDB313VC 20000 30 Purify
5 RPDB204SJ 1000 4 Defating
6 RPDB205SJ 3000 7.5 Defating
7 RPDB207SJ 5000 11 Defating
8 RPDB309SJ 7000 15 Defating
9 RPDB211SJ 10000 22 Defating




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