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Product center

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Launching Appliance LFR/FH


Product center

Marine products

Life-saving appliances

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The HD steering gear is the product which absorbed the foreign advanced technology, and its working reliability is guaranteed from the designing, which makes operating the navigation effectively and accurately.



CSSC Nanjing Luzhou Machine Co., Ltd.  provides more than over 100 types of deck machinery, covers life-saving launching appliances such as free-fall launching type, all kinds of gravity types, off-shore type, single arm slewing type, hiding type, connecting rods type,launching appliance of fast rescue boat, anti-sway device and so on; totally enclose lifeboat, freefall lifeboat , rescue boat, fast rescue boat; multi-purpose single arm crane, slewing crane, folding & telescopic crane, traverse mono-rail crane, engine room crane, mooring winch, cargo winch, special-purpose winch, windlass, accommodation winch and dock equipment.





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