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Product center

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The HD steering gear is the product which absorbed the foreign advanced technology, and its working reliability is guaranteed from the designing, which makes operating the navigation effectively and accurately.



OG(S) and GS Series with up grade "C" model incinerator is the cooperative product with TeamTec AS, Norway. At present this is world leading product. This product is designed to be used in both land and ships to incinerate waste oil and sewage sludge and the garbage. It is the main pollution control equipment for on offshore platform, ships and vessels, also the waste burning equipment on land.

Comparing with the other similar incinerator, this type of the incinerator has the good features of big burning capacity, less space occupied and reliable functions. While burning wastes, the flue gas coming out of this incinerator without color, smoke, smell, only with less dust, and no poisonous, so it will not cause the second pollution. The structure of this equipment is designed to be dismountable easier for installation and maintenance.

Easy operation with manual and automatic modes, remote monitoring and control. During the whole waste incineration, it is automatically controlled by the program with a sensor, and two digital temperature controllers, the temperature in the combustion chamber can be monitored and controlled.

For type "C" incinerators, the temperatures are monitored/regulated automatic by the PLC control system.

For operating safety, the incinerator is equipped with the protection device, for example, the feeding door will be locked tightly during burning. The cooling system will continue to run until the temperatures is decreased. The power will then be shut off automatically.

This type of incinerator compiles with the regulation of MARPOL 73/78 Convention. Annex V.&VI. as amended IMO Resolution MEPC. 76(40) and got the approval of EC. And also approved by CCS, DNV, GL, LR, ABS, USCG etc.    




















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